Jiří Winter

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    Jiří Winter, also known as Neprakta, is one of the best known illustrators and cartoonists from Czech Republic.

    Jiří Winter (Neprakta) was born 1924 in Prague and died there in 2011. He worked for Czechoslovak television after it started its broadcast. His cartoons had been used for the first TV intermissions in Czechoslovakia.


    Jiří Winter (Neprakta) has done more than 32,000 pictures and several animated cartoons (e.g. King George Delegation). He also illustrated many books and has won a lot of awards.

    Jiří Winter (Neprakta) made a lot of drawings and cartoons (mostly in cooperation with Miroslav Švandrlík, who produced text comments for that) for many Czechoslovak magazines. Even he never unveiled his preference on that, many of his cartoons can be easily identified as a spanking art. A lot of their cartoons were published by the Czech humoristic magazine Dikobraz during the years. Most of those illustrations are M/F and M/f expressing domestic spankings or canings of nubile young women by their fathers, often with their mothers or neighbours watching. Neprakta also produced many cartoons showing public punishment of women in the dark ages style.

    His cartoons and drawings helped in the past many Czechoslovak spanking fans discover and clarify their preferences, needs, fancies and predilections, as those cartoons were one of the very rare finds of spanking art published during the communist era in Czechoslovakia.