The goat as gardener

On 01 January 2001 the first version of this interactive project went online. Our project is aimed at all women and men whose fantasies, thoughts and feelings are about spanking. We would like to offer them a platform where help for self-help is possible. This requires women and men who not only consume, but actively participate with their knowledge, personal impressions and experiences.
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    October 23, 2023 at 6:34 AM

    A few years ago, I saw a costume film set in 19th century England. I don't remember the title, and the film wasn't very good either. But one scene stuck in my mind in which a so-called “chambermaid” was caned on the bare bottom by her master, a Lord So-and-So, for some theft or whatever. She accepted this punishment, albeit with screams, as it were devoted to God.

    Even afterward, I often remembered this little scene, which must have lasted barely a minute in the film, and I sometimes thought to myself: How would I react in such a situation? And this thought always had something tingling for me, but did not become a fixed idea at all. After I broke up with my boyfriend of many years – for reasons that don't belong here – the memories of this scene came back more and more typically, developed into fantasies of their own, and I began to research the film on the Internet, but to no avail.

    Instead, I came across many other sites that touched on the same subject, gradually downloaded some clips and also looked around on the relevant sites where men and women formulated their interests similar to mine and were looking for appropriate contacts. I even thought of placing an ad myself, but rejected the idea.

    By chance, I found an advertisement in a city newspaper under the heading “Jobs” – not on these internet pages, but while looking for work – which made me curious. A successful businessman was looking for a “girl for everything” for his bachelor household in a 150 m² chalet, “well-groomed, honest, hard-working and versatile”. Twice a week all-day service. Appropriate payment. Clothes would be provided. But then came the irritating addendum: “English education is part of the employment contract”.

    I rubbed my eyes. Wasn't that something for me? But no! Me and a domestic helper! That would make a goat a gardener! I can't get a grip on my own single household, although I don't lack good will. But I have no sense of order and no organizational skills, so I usually don't manage to do more than move the chaos from one corner of the room to another. And now to keep a house of 150 m² in order, the house of a demanding single gentleman who – as he writes – also regularly receives guests? On the other hand, I thought to myself: “Perhaps I will learn it once and for all on this occasion through the prospect of an “English education”?

    Auf Veränderung zu hoffen, ohne selbst etwas dafür zu tun, ist wie am Bahnhof zu stehen und auf ein Schiff zu warten.
    (Albert Einstein)

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